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Lotto Players Encouraged to Turn in "Old" Tickets Before Conversion

For Immediate Release: 7/27/2009

(PIERRE) - With the South Dakota Lottery converting to a new system for selling lotto tickets early next week, Lottery officials encourage players who may be holding lotto tickets generated by the current system to bring those tickets in to their Lottery retailers before Aug. 1.

The change to the new lotto equipment will happen statewide on Aug. 2, 2009. On that date, Lottery retailers will begin using new touch-screen terminals and thermal printers to sell Powerball, Dakota Cash, Wild Card 2 and Hot Lotto tickets.

The new system also includes self-service lotto ticket checkers players can use to scan their tickets to determine winners. Because the self-service checkers can only check tickets generated by the new terminals, Lottery Executive Director Norm Lingle says it will be helpful to both retailers and players if customers bring their old tickets in to be checked before the new equipment is fully operational.

"We realize players sometimes forget to turn in their old lotto tickets or choose not to cash them in until the end of the 180-day claim period," said Lingle. "Tickets turned in to retailers prior to the conversion can be easily and quickly checked on the current system. It will be more time-consuming for both the retailer and the player to check such tickets once the new system is in place."

While the old tickets will still be valid after Aug. 2, 2009, store clerks will need to manually type in the serial numbers from those tickets into the new terminal to validate them.

Lingle also reminds players that they can check their tickets on-line. Winning numbers for current and past drawings are available on the Lottery website at


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