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Lottery Waiting to Hear from $354,838 Wild Card 2 Jackpot Winner

For Immediate Release: 10/30/2003

(Pierre) - The South Dakota Lottery is waiting for the winner of a $354,838 jackpot to come forward. A South Dakota Lottery player won the Wild Card 2 lotto game jackpot last Saturday night, October 25, by matching all six numbers in the drawing.

The winning numbers were 01, 05, 11, 25, 28, and the Jack of Clubs.

"We’re asking people to check their tickets," said Clint Harris, executive director of the Lottery. "It’s possible the person may not know they have the winning ticket."

Harris also said the winner should sign the back of the ticket, put it in a safe place and contact the Lottery at 605-773-5770 to make arrangements to validate the ticket and collect the prize.

The $354,838 jackpot is the 9th largest won in South Dakota Lottery history.

The winning ticket was purchased in the southern Black Hills area. The winner has until April 5, 2004 to claim the prize.

This is the third time the Wild Card 2 jackpot has been won in South Dakota. Wayne Lemme of Madison won $856,298 in December, 2002. Joseph Toman of Mitchell won $332,280 in January, 2002.

Wild Card 2 is played in Montana, Idaho and South Dakota. Players pick five numbers from 1 to 31 and a face card, and get two plays for $1.

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