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Madison Woman Claims $182,790 Wild Card 2 Jackpot

For Immediate Release: 3/12/2010

(PIERRE) - Misty Young of Madison today claimed her $182,790 Wild Card 2 jackpot for the March 10, 2010 drawing at the Sioux Falls Lottery office.

Young purchased the Quick Pick ticket at Mike's Package Liquor in Madison. The store will receive a bonus of $1,827.90 for selling the winning ticket. This is the eighth time the Wild Card 2 jackpot has been won in South Dakota and the second time the jackpot has been hit in Madison.

Young, a single mother of two, usually purchases four Quick Picks per drawing, one for each lotto game, a practice started by her late parents which she continued after her father passed away late last year. But she admits she nearly missed making her purchase for Wednesday's drawing.

"I hadn't been feeling well and forgot to pick up my tickets like I usually do. My kids happened to remind me so I ran into Mike's about 8:00 p.m. and got my Quick Picks," Young said.

A text from her brother after the news broke that the winning ticket had been sold in Madison prompted Young to go on-line to check her numbers. At first she wasn't even aware of the amount of the jackpot, and when she discovered she'd actually won it, she was shocked.

"My first reaction was surrealness, I just couldn't believe it," she said. "Then Eric (her significant other) told me to calm down and contact a lawyer, which was really good advice."

Now that the initial shock is wearing off, Young has consulted both her attorney and her financial advisor, and has started making plans for what to do with her winnings.

"I hope to make the winnings last awhile, and it's nice to have a little break from having to live from month to month. And I plan to use some of the prize money to get a family portrait done, pay for my dad's funeral, and take my kids on a vacation," said Young.

Even though she's a jackpot winner, Young says she'll keep buying her Quick Picks and even stopped at her usual spot to get tickets for Saturday's drawing before heading to Sioux Falls to collect her winnings. Her advice to other would-be winners?

"Sign the back of your tickets as soon as you buy them! I never thought about it before but when you win big, you realize how important that is," she laughed.

Wild Card 2 is played in South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:1,359,288. The jackpot starts again at $100,000 for the next drawing on Saturday night.

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