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WINNER COUNT: June 9, 2010 Lotto Drawings

For Immediate Release: 6/10/2010

9,734 South Dakota players won a total of $85,620 in the June 9, 2010 lotto drawings. Two Powerball players hit the game's third prize of $10,000. One of the two will collect $40,000 because they had purchased the Power Play option for an additional $1. The Power Play was 4, meaning the $10,000 prize was multiplied by four times. 2,691 Powerball players will share a total of $69,787 from the June 9 drawing. Dakota Cash paid out a total of $4,207 to 2,835 lucky players. Wild Card 2 made 2,949 South Dakota players a total of $4,911 richer. And Hot Lotto paid a cool $6,715 to 1,259 players in the state. 

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