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Wild Card Lotto Ticket Validations Temporarily Halted

For Immediate Release: 6/10/2010

(PIERRE) - The South Dakota Lottery has temporarily halted validations for Wild Card 2 lotto tickets purchased for the June 9, 2010 drawing to correct an error with the winning numbers.

Lottery executive director Norm Lingle says an incorrect Wild Card was inadvertently entered into the system following the draw. The winning numbers for the June 9, 2010 drawing were 4, 5, 9, 15, and 21 with the Wild Card being the King of Diamonds. The Wild Card was initially incorrectly entered as the Jack of Diamonds.

The error was discovered by the Lottery Thursday afternoon and all validations were stopped for the Wild Card 2 game until a solution to the problem could be found. Lingle says a plan has now been put into place.

"The Lottery sincerely regrets the error and of course, we will not penalize our players for our mistake. If a ticket holder presents a ticket for validation from the June 9 drawing that shows either the King of Diamonds or the Jack of Diamonds as the Wild Card, we will pay them their prize," Lingle said.

The Lottery was able to verify that there were no tickets sold that matched all five white balls, meaning regardless of the Wild Card, there were no jackpot or second tier winners for the drawing on June 9. Lingle estimates that a few thousand dollars more in prizes will be paid out by paying both the Jack of Diamonds and the King of Diamonds than would have been paid if the correct Wild Card had been entered initially.

Some players who scanned their Wild Card 2 tickets before the mistake was discovered may have been told they were not winners but with the corrected Wild Card, they may actually have held winning tickets. Anyone with a Wild Card 2 ticket from the June 9, 2010 drawing who believes they have a winning ticket should contact their local Lottery office. Validation centers are located in Pierre (605-773-5770),  Rapid City (605-394-5106), and Sioux Falls (605-367-5840).

Lingle says validation of Wild Card 2 tickets is suspended until 12:00 p.m., Friday, June 11, 2010. The Lottery is working to establish a process to eliminate the possibility of the problem occurring again in the future.

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