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For Immediate Release: 6/11/2010

(PIERRE) - Holders of Wild Card 2 lotto tickets from the June 9, 2010 drawing can now have their tickets validated. The South Dakota Lottery had temporarily halted validations for such tickets beginning yesterday afternoon when it was discovered that an incorrect Wild Card was inadvertently entered into the system following the draw.

Winning numbers for the June 9, 2010 drawing were 4, 5, 9, 15, and 21 with the Wild Card being the King of Diamonds. The Wild Card was initially incorrectly entered as the Jack of Diamonds.

Lottery executive director Norm Lingle announced Thursday that if a ticket holder presents a ticket for validation from the June 9 drawing that shows either the King of Diamonds or the the Jack of Diamonds as the Wild Card, the ticket holder will be paid the prize they have won.

Players having questions about the validity of their Wild Card 2 tickets from the June 9, 2010 drawing can contact their local Lottery office. Validation centers are located in Pierre (605-773-5770), Rapid City (605-394-5106), and Sioux Falls (605-367-5840).

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