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Langford Woman Claims $161,475 Wild Card 2 Jackpot

For Immediate Release: 7/9/2010

(Pierre) – Marlene Hanson of Langford today claimed her $161,475 Wild Card 2 jackpot for the July 7, 2010 drawing at the Sioux Falls Lottery office.


Hanson purchased the Quick Pick ticket at Cliff’s One Stop in Britton. The store will receive a bonus of $1,614.75 for selling the winning ticket.


Hanson, a retired mother of four who also has four grandchildren, says she regularly purchases one ticket for each lotto game and always plays Quick Picks.


After the July 7, 2010 drawing, in checking her numbers against those printed in the Aberdeen American News, she found that all five numbers and the Wild Card matched. Not believing that she could have won the jackpot, Hanson turned to family members to confirm it.


“I called my daughter to come check the numbers just to make sure. And then I figured a third set of eyes couldn’t hurt, so I called my husband (Claire) to look them over, too,” said Hanson.


They all came to the same conclusion, that Hanson had won the $161,475 Wild Card 2 jackpot. How did she take the news?


“I kind of just screamed. And then my daughter screamed, too,” laughed Hanson. “It feels wonderful to have won.”


Having only been a jackpot winner for a few days, Hanson says she has no definite plans on what to do with her winnings yet although her husband, who is not retired, “may be thinking about retirement now!” She plans to take her time when deciding how the jackpot will be used.


Hanson, who says she will continue to play South Dakota’s lotto games, offers some advice to other would-be winners.


“You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. And you never know what $1 will get you,” she said.


Wild Card 2 is played in South Dakota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:1,359,288. The jackpot starts again at $100,000 for the next drawing on Saturday night.

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