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WINNER COUNT: July 20-21, 2010 Lotto Drawings

For Immediate Release: 7/22/2010

9,788 players pocketed a total of $37,246 in South Dakota's five lotto games for the July 20-21, 2010 drawings. In the July 20, 2010 Mega Millions drawing, 357 players in the state shared a total of $2,383 in winnings. On July 21, 2010, Powerball was the way to win for 2,426 people; the game paid out a total of $16,054 in winnings in South Dakota. Eight people matched 4 of 5 in Dakota Cash to pick up the game's $100 second prize. Overall, 2,621 Dakota Cash players picked up a total of $3,917. Wild Card 2 was a sure thing for 2,943 South Dakota players who won a total of $6,123. And Hot Lotto made 1,441 players in the state a total of $8,769 richer.

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