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Kessler’s is First Lottery Retailer to Reach $2 Million in Lotto Sales

For Immediate Release: 5/3/2004

(Pierre) - Kessler’s in Aberdeen is the first South Dakota Lottery retailer to sell $2 million in lotto tickets.

"Kessler’s has been a perennial leader in lotto sales, and their success has contributed greatly to the Lottery’s success," said state lottery director Clint Harris. "It’s a pleasure to recognize them as our highest achieving retail partner."

"We are pleased to be the first retailer in the state to exceed $2 million in lotto sales," said store owner Tim Kessler. "We have offered lottery tickets to our customers over the years because it fits with our concept of a full service supermarket. Lottery tickets are one of the many products and services we like to offer our customers."

Kessler’s has been selling scratch tickets since the Lottery’s inception in 1987 and lotto tickets since the state began offering the games in 1990 with the Lotto*America game.

Among the many prizes from tickets purchased at the store are two of Powerball’s $100,000 second prizes, six of Powerball’s $5,000 third prizes, six $500 winners in Wild Card 2 and a $500 winner in Hot Lotto.

Twenty-nine other Lottery retailers have hit the $1 million lotto sales milestone. Since the games began through state fiscal year 2003, total lotto sales reached more than $179 million in South Dakota, generating more than $43 million in state revenue.

The first $1.4 million in annual lotto revenues is distributed to the state’s general fund, with the balance of revenue distributed to the capital construction fund. The capital construction fund is used for water development projects, ethanol production incentives, and state highway projects. In FY03, revenue from lotto games was more than $3.6 million.

Current South Dakota lotto games include Powerball, Dakota Cash, Wild Card 2 and Hot Lotto.

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