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WINNER COUNT: Dec. 28-29, 2010 Lotto Drawings

For Immediate Release: 12/30/2010

There were 14,394 winners sharing $48,196 in prize money from the Dec. 28-29, 2010 drawings of South Dakota's five lotto games.

Mega Millions paid out $6,426 in total winnings to 834 South Dakota players from the Dec. 28, 2010 drawing. That's the largest number of winners in South Dakota since the game became available in the state in May of this year.

On Dec. 29, 2010, Powerball made 2,131 people a total of $12,867 richer. There were 5,844 Dakota Cash winners splitting a total of $9,247 in prize money. Wild Card 2 was the way to win for 3,005 South Dakota players who are sharing a total of $5,364. And Hot Lotto sizzled for 2,580 individuals who won a total of $14,292 in cash.

The Dec. 29, 2010 drawings were the last drawings for Powerball, Dakota Cash, Wild Card 2 and Hot Lotto in 2010. Mega Millions will hold its last drawing for the year on Dec. 31, 2010; the jackpot now sits at $237 million.

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