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Mission Hill Woman Wins Car in Instant Scratch Game

For Immediate Release: 5/5/2011

(PIERRE) – For Lori Hoffman, birthdays aren’t usually a big deal. But the one she had earlier this week will be hard to forget and even harder to top next year. That’s because the Mission Hill woman became the first instant winner of a new Chevrolet® Camaro® from the South Dakota Lottery’s Camaro® Cash instant scratch game.


The $5 game, which officially went on sale last month, offers players two ways to win a new car: instantly by uncovering the word “Camaro®” on their scratch ticket or by revealing the word “Entry” on the ticket which they can then enter into an Oct. 19, 2011 drawing to win a car. Three cars will be given away during the course of the game, two instantly and one by drawing.


Hoffman, who’s not a regular scratch ticket player, received her car-winning ticket as a birthday present.


“My brother, Larry, bought some Camaro® Cash scratch tickets at the Cork N Bottle in Yankton and my mother put them in my birthday card. I scratched them off while I was still at my mother’s house and when I saw the ‘WW' in the corner, I knew I’d won something,” Hoffman said.


Although the family agreed Lori had a winning ticket, at first there was some disagreement as to what she’d actually won.


“My mother said that meant I got into the October drawing for the car but the more I thought about it, I thought I should have won something right now,” Hoffman, who used to work in a convenience store and knew about the scratch ticket’s winner codes, explained. “I showed the ticket to my son and he said ‘Mom, you just won the car!’”


The excitement over her winning birthday surprise extends beyond Hoffman’s family, which includes husband Russell, sons Jeremy Washburn and Joe Hoffman, and daughter Katie Hoffman. Lori’s co-workers at the Human Services Center in Yankton have also been offering their congratulations.


“Everyone at work has just been elated over the whole thing. And yes, they’re already asking for rides in the new car!” she laughed.


The Hoffmans are now working through the Lottery and a local car dealer to receive their new Camaro® (they’re leaning towards a black version with gray interior). Does this year’s birthday gift put some pressure on the family for Lori’s future birthdays?


“I don’t think they’ll be able to top this one. I think I’ve peaked already,” Hoffman said.


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