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Huron Woman Claims $130,000 Wild Card 2 Jackpot

For Immediate Release: 7/28/2011

(PIERRE) – A “gut feeling” led Carol Bentz of Huron to a new location to purchase her Wild Card 2 ticket for the July 27, 2011 drawing. And it certainly paid to follow her instincts; Bentz ended up winning the game’s $130,000 jackpot.


She claimed her prize July 28, 2011 at the Sioux Falls Lottery office. The odds of winning the Wild Card 2 jackpot are 1:1,359,288.  


Bentz purchased her lucky Quick Pick ticket at the Corner Pantry on Lincoln Avenue SW in Huron; the store will receive a bonus of $1,300 for the sale. She usually buys a ticket for each of the five lotto games for every drawing but this time what was different wasn’t what she bought but where she bought it.


“I just had a feeling that I should get my tickets at Corner Pantry this time instead of where I usually go. So I did. I’m really glad I listened,” Bentz said.


It didn’t take long for her to find out she was a winner. She checked her numbers at the Lottery website ( early Thursday morning before she had to report to her job with the State of South Dakota. And unlike many winners, she wasn’t shocked at the news.


“I’ve always thought some day I’d win big but I figured it would be Powerball. I’m very happy to have won the Wild Card 2 jackpot,” she said.


Though she’s been a jackpot winner for less than a day, Bentz says she already has some ideas on how her winnings will be used.


“It’s great to have the security of knowing that money is there now. And I’ll be able to pay off my house and car and my son’s motorcycle. I’ll put it to good use,” said Bentz.


Wild Card 2 is played only in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. The jackpot currently sits at $100,000 for the next drawing on Sat., July 30, 2011.


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