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Lennox woman claims $1 Million Power Play prize

For Immediate Release: 10/13/2005

(Pierre) - Pat Fossum is the state’s newest millionaire. The Lennox woman claimed the $1 million dollar Powerball prize she won in the October 8th drawing today in Sioux Falls.

Fossum’s winning ticket matched the five white balls, but not the red Powerball, to win the game’s second prize of $200,000. At the advice of her daughter, she added the Power Play feature when she purchased the ticket. The prize multiplier was 5, making the ticket worth $1 million. It was the first time she’d ever paid the extra dollar to have her prize multiplied.

Fossum purchased the "quick pick" ticket last Saturday morning at the Sunshine Foods store on West 10th street in Sioux Falls, and later had to retrieve it from the trash. "I threw it in the garbage by accident," she said. "I was going through the mail and threw it out with the junk mail." She later discovered it missing and looked through the garbage to find it later that afternoon.

It was in the early morning hours Sunday that Fossum realized she’d won. Fossum checked her numbers on the computer around 2:30 a.m. and thought she’d won $100,000. Checking further, she realized the prize was $200,000 since the game changed in late August. But, it wasn’t until she began calling her family members in the middle of the night that she discovered she’d actually won $1 million. "My daughter told me that it was five times that much. It was a million dollars," she said.

Fossum is the first South Dakota player to win the new $200,000 second prize. Because she added the Power Play feature, the $1 million she won is the 6th largest lotto prize won in South Dakota.

After federal tax withholding, Fossum received a check today for $750,000. The Sunshine Foods store will receive a $20,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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