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Wanblee Woman Wins Car in Instant Scratch Game

For Immediate Release: 10/25/2011

(PIERRE) – Talena Standing Bear Montelongo has always wanted a black car but with her past vehicles, it just never worked out that she got one. Now it looks like Standing Bear Montelongo will be getting just what she wanted…and for only $5.


On October 19, 2011, the Wanblee woman became the second winner of a new Chevrolet® Camaro® from the South Dakota Lottery’s Camaro® Cash instant scratch game. The $5 game offers players two ways to win a new car: instantly by uncovering the word “Camaro®” on their scratch ticket or by revealing the word “Entry” on the ticket which they could enter into a drawing to win a car. Standing Bear Montelongo’s “Entry” ticket was one of 4,068 received for the October 19, 2011 drawing and the one randomly chosen as the winner.


Although her entry was received just days before the drawing, she actually purchased the ticket not long after the game launched.


“I bought it at Wanblee Mart fairly early in the game and held on to it all summer. Every so often, I would think ‘I really need to get that sent in’ but then I’d forget to do it. When I realized the drawing was coming up, I finally mailed it in. And I’m really glad I did!” Standing Bear Montelongo said.


When the 29-year-old, who works with the Oglala Sioux Tribe Child Care program, received a phone message from the Lottery shortly after the drawing with instructions to call them back, Standing Bear Montelongo says she felt like it was a dream.


“I wondered if there was a possibility that I’d actually won the car. I never win anything and I was so nervous when I called the Lottery back. All I bought was the one ticket because I liked the car on it and now I’m getting one. I’m just in shock. It goes to show you that anything’s possible,” she said.


Just as excited about the new car is her husband, Junaluska Montelongo, and nephews Kade Ryan and Teycin Ashley, who are first in line for rides when she gets her Camaro®.


“There’s a long line of people wanting rides. Maybe we’ll have to draw names,” Standing Bear Montelongo laughed.


For people still hoping to win their own Camaro®, there is still one car to be won instantly. The Camaro® Cash instant scratch game will remain on sale until the final car is won. Tickets can be purchased at any lottery retailer.

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