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WINNER COUNT: December 2-3, 2011 Lotto Drawings

For Immediate Release: 12/5/2011

9,506 South Dakota players are sharing in $36,157 in total winnings following the December 2-3, 2011 drawings of the state's five lotto games.

There were 2,380 Powerball winners splitting a total of $15,497. Hot Lotto paid out a total of $6,576 to 1,135 lucky players. Mega Millions made 430 people a total of $5,388 richer. Wild Card 2 was a winner for 2,887 South Dakota players who are all getting a share of $4,629 in winnings. And there were 2,674 Dakota Cash winners pocketing a total of $4,067 in prize money.

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