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Huron Couple Wins New Ford Mustang GT Convertible at State Fair

For Immediate Release: 9/6/2006

(Pierre) - Roger and Reva Pownell of Huron won a new Ford Mustang GT convertible from the Lottery. The car is one of four of the top prizes in the Lottery’s new Mustang Money game.

Roger purchased the winning ticket Saturday, Sept. 2 at the Lottery’s booth at the State Fair, where a screaming yellow Mustang GT convertible was on display.

Roger said he scratched the ticket and told his cousin he’d won the car. “He didn’t believe me so I took the ticket to the Lottery gal and said, ‘Does this mean I get to drive this home?’ I think she was as excited as I was,” he said.

The display car was on loan from the Schoenhard Ford/Dodge dealership in Huron, and had already caught Reva’s eye. Roger says his wife often drove by the car at the dealership and always returned home jokingly saying, “My car’s still there.” With a lucky ticket, the car is now hers.

The Mustang Money game went on sale August 4. The $5 scratch game offers a top prize of a new Ford Mustang GT convertible, complete with premium options package. In addition to the car, the Lottery also pays the federal income tax withholding payment for the prize, making the top prize worth $49,532.

There are now three cars remaining to be won in the game. The odds of winning a top prize are 1:60,000. The odds of winning any prize are 1:3.86

Licensing rights for Ford and Mustang were provided to the Lottery by MDI Entertainment, LLC.

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