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Montrose woman scratches off $150,000 winner

For Immediate Release: 2/14/2003

Barb Morrison received a great present just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Montrose woman is the first top-prize winner of the South Dakota Lottery’s 15 Grand Years scratch game.

The game’s top prize of $150,000, paid in 10 yearly installments, is the largest the state lottery has offered in a scratch game.

Morrison claimed her prize at the Sioux Falls Lottery office yesterday, where she received her first payment of $15,000 minus 27 percent for federal taxes. “I’m ecstatic,” she said

Although Morrison frequently purchases $1 and $2 scratch tickets, this was the first time she had bought a $5 ticket. “I only bought it because I thought it was so pretty,” she said.  The 15 Grand Year ticket features a photo of Mount Rushmore and commemorates the Lottery’s 15 year anniversary.

Three more top prizes of $150,000 remain in the 15 Grand Years game. The game also offers prizes ranging from $5 to $1,500.

Morrison purchased her ticket at George’s Food-N-Fuel on North Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls.

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