James Tisdell
Rapid City, SD
Total Prizes: $459,845,603
Number of Jackpot Winners:3
Number of $2,000,000 Winners:1
Number of $1,000,000 Winners:2
Number of $50,000 Winners:164
Number of $100 Winners:51,149
* Prize categories from previous game matrix.

Jackpot Winners!

NameCityDate WonAmount
Neil WanlessMission, SD5/27/2009$232,100,000
The Watertown 34Watertown, SD2/1/2003$50,900,000

$2,000,000 Winners!

NameCityDate WonAmount
Barb and Jim PowersRapid City, SD6/5/2013$2,000,000

$1,000,000 Winners!