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Lotto Licensing Rules and Fees

In 2009, the South Dakota Lottery entered into a new contract with a private vendor to run the Lottery equipment and network. The new contract not only provided better and faster equipment for Lottery retailers, but also provided more equipment, allowing more retailers to be added to the network. Under the contract, the same equipment is utilized for both instant ticket only retailers and instant and lotto ticket retailers. However, the new equipment comes at a higher cost to the Lottery.

In early 2010, the Lottery Commission and the Legislative Rules Review Committee approved new licensing rules and fees to make it easier for retailers to become licensed to sell instant and lotto ticket games, and allow the Lottery to recoup some of the costs incurred from expanding the retailer network.

A printable copy of the rules and fees is available for instant and lotto ticket retailers HERE. For tribal instant ticket only retailers (licensees on Indian Reservations are prohibited from selling the lotto games), pertinent information can be found HERE.


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What paperwork is needed to move a video lottery terminal from one location to another? What hours is the Lottery's computer operations center open on holidays? Who should you contact if your video lottery establishment is burglarized? For answers to these questions and more, check out the FAQS for Video Lottery Owners and Operators.

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