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Next Est. Jackpot
PowerBall 26
Power Play 2x
8 - 21 - 22 - 65 - 69
Last Drawing - 10/01/2022
Powerball Double Play
Top Prize
DP Powerball 18
1 - 24 - 43 - 53 - 63
Last Drawing - 10/01/2022
Mega Millions
Next Est. Jackpot
MegaBall 6
MegaPlier 4x
16 - 26 - 37 - 40 - 51
Last Drawing - 09/30/2022
Dakota Cash
Next Est. Jackpot
5 - 9 - 21 - 26 - 32
Last Drawing - 10/01/2022
Lucky for Life
Top Prize
Lucky Ball 6
11 - 24 - 29 - 32 - 38
Last Drawing - 10/01/2022
Lotto* America
Next Est. Jackpot
Star Ball 10
All Star Bonus 3x
5 - 7 - 13 - 16 - 38
Last Drawing - 10/01/2022


Thank you retailers for working so hard to bring Good Fun to the state of South Dakota. This page is just for you!



If you're not currently a South Dakota Lottery retailer but would like to become one, please follow the links below to learn more. Effective July 1, 2017, the South Dakota Lottery is using the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct background investigations. This involves utilizing state and federal fingerprint cards for Lottery employees, new applicants, current licensees and vendors. For more information on the requirements of this process, contact the Security Division of the South Dakota Lottery at (605) 773-5770.  

Online application is available for any type of license issued by the Lottery. The online application is the only form of submission. This application also allows you to make required payments electronically. Find out more at the links below.

Electronic License Application

Become a Scratch Ticket & Lotto Retailer

Become a Video Lottery Retailer


Scratch Games

Scratch Game UPC Codes PDF

Scratch Sales & Redemption Tracking Worksheet PDF



Lotto Games

Request for Adjustment Form PDF

Adjustment Form Instructions PDF

Lottery Retailer Bonus Information PDF

Lotto Licensing Rules and Fees

In 2009, the South Dakota Lottery entered into a new contract with a private vendor to run the Lottery equipment and network. The new contract not only provided better and faster equipment for Lottery retailers, but also provided more equipment, allowing more retailers to be added to the network. Under the contract, the same equipment is utilized for both instant ticket only retailers and instant and lotto ticket retailers. However, the new equipment came at a higher cost to the Lottery.

In early 2010, the Lottery Commission and the Legislative Rules Review Committee approved new licensing rules and fees to make it easier for retailers to become licensed to sell instant and lotto ticket games, and allow the Lottery to recoup some of the costs incurred from expanding the retailer network.

Instant and Lotto Ticket Retailers Rules and Fees

Instant/Online Nonsufficient Fund Policy

Tribal Instant Ticket Retailers


Video Lottery

Video Lottery Newsletter PDF

Video Lottery System Conversion Information


Quick Reference:

Video Lottery Owner and Operator FAQs PDF

Video Lottery Operators PDF

Video Lottery Distributors PDF

Video Lottery Manufacturers PDF

Video Lottery Game Odds PDF

FTP Software Instructions PDF


Updates and Forms:

CY2022 Video Lottery Sweep Schedule PDF

CY2021 Video Lottery Sweep Schedule PDF

Instant/Online EFT Authorization

Video Lottery EFT Authorization

VLT Machine R and T Form PDF

VLT Transportation Form PDF

VLT Logic Area Access/Board Replacement Report PDF

VLT Disposal Form PDF

VLT Shipment Notification Form PDF

VLT Associated Equipment List PDF

VLT Bill of Sale Form PDF

SAS Video Lottery Terminal Addendum PDF

Video Lottery Terminal Communications Protocol Addendum PDF

SGI Operators Meeting Presentation 9/30/09 PDF

Video Lottery Tech II Service Agreement

Video Lottery Establishment Contact Information



With large amounts of cash on hand and often small staffs working, video lottery casinos can be viewed as easy targets for burglars and robbers. We encourage you to take steps to protect your business, employees and customers. Here are some tips:

Conduct a Burglary Self-Assessment Test on your casino. Are all exterior entrances and exits well lit? Does your camera surveillance system have recording capabilities? Do you have a security alarm system that's monitored by local law enforcement or an alarm company?

Instruct your employees to make note of suspicious people in the business or vehicles that are out of place after hours.

Have your employees empty video lottery machines and the tills before leaving the casino at night.

Implement a plan for what your employees should do to protect themselves and customers if confronted by a robber. Ensure ALL employees are aware of the plan.

Burglaries and robberies are among the most difficult crimes to solve. If your casino is victimized, contact local law enforcement then submit a Video Lottery Burglary Report Form to the Lottery. Both Lottery Security and the Division of Criminal Investigation will use the information to track trends and identify weaknesses that burglars exploit for their crimes.

Completed Video Lottery Burglary Report Forms can be mailed to:

South Dakota Lottery
Attn: Lottery Security
711 E. Wells Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-7107

Or, email your completed form to:


The Lottery participates in the statewide effort to rescue abducted children. Amber Alert Poster PDF

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