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Who We Are

The Fun Begins

The year was 1986. Halley’s Comet flew by, Maverick and Goose played sand volleyball, people were walking like Egyptians and the South Dakota Lottery was voted into existence.

Where The Money Goes

The South Dakota Lottery is run like any other business. We take in revenue, we account for expenses, and whatever is left over is our net income. However, unlike other businesses, our net income goes back to South Dakota to pay for things important to South Dakotans.

Contact Us

You can claim a prize, ask questions or send us flowers at our main office in Pierre, or our regional offices in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.


Are you wondering where to play, how to play or when to play? Check out our FAQs to find all of your lottery answers.

The Commission

Meet our five-member board responsible for establishing policies and advising on South Dakota Lottery operations.

The Laws

From game play age to retailer incentives, visit our entire list of South Dakota Lottery laws and Administrative Rules.