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Must Be 18 Years or Older

Please remember that all players must be 18 years or older to play Lottery products. When you are purchasing our products, please have your driver's license or identification card with you so that we can confirm your age.

While our products can also make great gifts, remember that they are not suitable gifts for minors. Exposing minors to gambling at a young age makes them more susceptible to problem gambling.

Remember These Rules

To Keep the Fun Good, remember these simple steps.

  • Set a budget--only spend what you can afford to lose.
  • Stop when you run out
  • Never borrow or lend money to others for the purpose of gambling
  • GET HELP--If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call our problem gambling hotline at 1-888-781-HELP. You can also call or text the National Council on Problem at 1-800-522-4700. These services are always confidential.

Chance at a Win

When it comes to playing our Lotto games, we want to remind everyone that the odds to win are the same for everyone. Everyone is playing the same game with the same parameters, so everyone who plays gets the same chance.

Another reminder that each Lotto game has a different prize structure. If you want to know how many matching numbers you need to win, please look at the Lotto game page for the specific game or the racks cards you can find at retailers.

Odds and Ends

While we post our odds for every scratch ticket, please remember that these odds do not ensure you'll have a winning ticket with your purchase.

For example, if you purchase 5 scratch tickets that have overall odds of 1:4.52, you are not guaranteed to have a winning ticket. Our odds are based on the entire game and not one singular pack of scratch tickets.

Our scratch tickets are also randomly printed. These are games of chance, so we wish you the best of luck!

"All Winners are in Big Cities"

Please remember that all Lottery products are games of chance. While it may appear that many of our winners come from larger cities, it's important to note that more tickets are sold in these locations. With more tickets sold, there are better odds of a big winner coming from these cities.

This doesn't mean that smaller towns don't have winners. Some of our larger winners have come from smaller cities!

One Last Thing

As we noted, please remember to Play Responsibly. Set a budget, play only for fun, don't lend or borrow for money to gamble, and ask for help if you need it.

We'd also like to note that because our products are a game of chance, we do not know or control where winning tickets are.

Good luck and remember to keep the fun good!