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Saturday’s Powerball jackpot is the second largest in the game’s 30-year history.

Saturday’s $825 million jackpot trails only the $1.586 billion won in 2016 as the largest prize in Powerball’s history. The $825 million jackpot also ranks fifth among all U.S Lottery jackpots.

While the high jackpot creates interest, the South Dakota Lottery reminds players to play responsibly.

“Jackpots like this create a lot of excitement among our players, but the South Dakota Lottery reminds players to keep the fun good,” Lottery Executive Director Norm Lingle said. “We ask all of our players to play responsibly and remember that it only takes one ticket to win.”

Revenue generated from the sale of Powerball goes to the state’s General Fund and Capitol Construction Fund. Since the South Dakota Lottery’s inception, lotto sales have accounted for more than $119 million to the state’s Capitol Construction Fund and more than $63 million to the state’s General Fund.

Since the Lottery began in 1987, it has provided more than $3.4 billion back to the State of South Dakota.

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Top 5 Powerball Jackpots

Jackpot  Draw Date Location Won
$1.586 billion 1/13/2016 California, Florida, Tennessee
$825 million 10/29/2022  
  $768.4 million 3/27/2019 Wisconsin
$758.7 million 8/23/2017 Massachusetts
$731.1 million 1/20/2021 Maryland

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