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Check your ticket to see if it’s a winner

You bought the ticket, now it’s time to see if it’s a winner. Take the simple steps below to see if — and how much — you’ve won!

enter your ticket barcodes

Grab your ticket and enter the front and back barcodes to get started.

What’s New

Did you have a winner? Great! Are you wishing you had a winner? Even better, because as a Players Club member, you have access to see the newest scratch tickets.

We All Win

The South Dakota Lottery is run like any other business. We take revenue in, we account for expenses and whatever is left over is our net income. Unlike other businesses, however, our net income goes back to South Dakota to pay for things that are important to South Dakotans.

Where the Money Goes

Almost 95 cents of every dollar the Lottery earns goes directly back to South Dakota. Of the $161 million raised last year, more than 45% went to education plus millions more for roads, natural resources and other good things.