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Sisseton woman claims $594,260 Dakota Cash prize

Patty Nerison Dakota Cash WinnerPatty Nerison's dreams came true through a $594,260 Dakota Cash jackpot.

Nerison claimed the prize Monday after purchasing her ticket at the CrossRoads C-Store in Rosholt. The Sisseton resident played Dakota Cash on a weekly basis before her win, but the location of her purchase proved to be a unique one that was worthwhile.

"It was just a spur of the moment thing," Nerison said. "I woke up from a nap and told my husband I was going to buy a ticket. I think someone in my dream told me to go there."

While Nerison's jackpot-winning prize was the result of the June 26 drawing, she didn't realize she won until Friday evening. She notes that her daughter told her the winning ticket was purchased in Rosholt, but nerves prevented her from learning her fate.

"Thursday, I went to a casino where my daughter works," Nerison said. "She asked if I bought tickets in Rosholt. I couldn't check my tickets right away. I was so scared. When I found out I won, I started crying. I was so happy."

Patty wasted no time sharing the jubilation with her husband, Larry. The pair said they plan to pay off their debt and share some of the prize with their four children and 13 grandchildren.

"The best part about winning is just knowing that we are finally going to be debt free," Patty said. "We can go have some fun, buy a new house and spend some on my grandchildren."

Prior to her big win, Patty preferred Dakota Cash because it's only offered in South Dakota and she enjoyed the game's odds of winning. While she notes that she may stop playing Dakota Cash now that she's won, she may test her luck on the rest of the South Dakota Lottery's lineup.

Her playing style may change in the future, but Patty left her fellow lotto players with some encouraging words as they chase their dreams of a jackpot.

"Keep trying," Patty said. "You gotta play to win."

Dakota Cash is an exclusive lotto game of the South Dakota Lottery. Drawings are conducted each Wednesday and Saturday. For more information on Dakota Cash, click here.


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